Random Thought : Religious Ignorance

18 03 2007


I often wonder how it is that religious non-sense is still a common belief within the world in this era of the 21 century that we live in. (Yes, I realize the irony that we still refer to our current years as the time after christ’s death … yet what did we refer to the years during his life?)

If anyone were to claim that they were the returned son of God I could pretty much guarantee that nearly everyone with the tiniest shred of common-sense would shrug that person off as a lunatic but yet the majority of those very same people still believe that christ is coming back somehow and someday. Hhhmmm, makes me wonder as to what these believers would need to provide them with the relevant truth that the so-called immortal one, the son of god, the messenger of the holy would need to provide these believers if it were in fact HIM?!?

I’ve heard the complacent and typical vain ignorant remarks of “we will know” strewn about brazenly such as though that should satisfy every other believer from different religious sects, even though it really wouldn’t, because of the sheer matter that each and every other religion believes that Jesus will show up on *their* turf and not the other *false religion’s* turf that others subscribe to. Am I making this clear enough yet? Probably not, the unwavering believers will NEVER change their minds. It is a forgone conclusion that we will be forever in a tie but to those of you that can actually find a forum to think for yourself, please do.




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