$cientology in a Nutshell

1 04 2007


This is a clip from an episode of South Park from a couple years back that is still one of my favorite episodes. They pretty much hit the nail on the head as to what these lunatics believe in. DC-8’s retrofitted with rocket engines? The dead souls of aliens from 75 million years ago are spread through earth’s volcanoes? An evil Lord Xenu that built giant soul catchers in the sky? L. Ron Hubbard was a rabid acid freak and science fiction writer who once stated “the fastest way to become a millionaire is to start a religion”. Yep.

Update: Apparently some scientologists that frequent (or work at) YouTube didn’t care for this particular clip because it was taken down only after one day! They also decided to send me an email that stated that I was infringing upon their copyrights by uploading this video to YouTube. Hmm, I highly doubt that the Church Of Scientology could own the rights to a South Park clip. Obviously they only saw the bashing of their money grubbing religion instead of actually viewing the content. I tried to re-upload it several times, only to get my account temporarily banned. So if you want to view the clip I had at YouTube, you can view it here.